May we have your attention, please!

For everyone to enjoy the concert, we request your cooperation for the following:

No Photographs, No Recordings

Taking photographs, video, or audio recordings inside the Venue is strictly prohibited. To photograph, video or audio record without authorization are illegal acts, a clear infringement of portrait rights and copyrights. Any person found taking photographs, video, or audio recordings will be immediately removed from the Venue.

Please help to prevent flu (influenza)

For those of you who have symptoms, such as coughs or sneezing, we request you to wear masks to prevent infection to others. If you have symptoms such as fever, coughs, or general pain, please consult a medical institution and receive medical treatment at a desinated medical facility, following the instructions provided by the medical institution before coming to the Venue. Please not that the Organizer or the Venue will be liable for any damage for contracting influenza at the Venue.


Scalping of concert tickets is prohibited. If scalping is found and the facts are confirmed, the ticket shall become invalid and entry shall be refused or removed immediately from the Venue.
Re-entry will not be permitted at all the concert venue for this Tour.
Please note that videos or photos inside the concert venue, including the audience seats, may be released to the public.
Pre-shool age children will not be permitted inside the Venue.
In addition, there are other notices concerning the Tour printed on the reverse side of the concert ticket. Please read them carefully.

Thank you for you cooperation, and please enjoy the Concert.